St. George, Utah 2012.
Custom extruded aluminium shelves holding 12,000 books.
Dimensions: 22' x 28'

The location is in the lobby of the new Library of the Dixie College in St. George. Cloud consist of a bookshelf 28' wide and 22' high made of custom extruded aluminum in a natural silver color. The bookshelf is holding approximately 12,000 empty sketch books bound in custom dyed linen hardcovers in different colors. The spines of the books read as an abstract composition of color from close proximity and as the image of a dessert cloud from the distance. Students and faculty can borrow books of the Cloud to use them as personal note or scrapbooks and they will be restocked into the Cloud after returned to the library. This way generations of students can actively engage with this art work, it will stay alive and increase its intrinsic value over time.

Photos: Paul Richer

Book design: Henri Lucas